Who and What is the Palm Beach County Diving Association (PBCDA)

Having both the largest freshwater lake in Florida and many miles of beautiful coastline fronting the Tropical Atlantic, water sports reign supreme in Palm Beach County. Here, divers drift effortlessly in the blue Gulf Stream waters, and both freshwater and saltwater anglers are able to enjoy some of the best fishing opportunities in North America. In addition to scuba diving, the list of other water sports that can be enjoyed year-round include: boating, water skiing, sailing, wind surfing, kite boarding, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding and surfing, in addition to just going to the beach for a swim.

Visitors travel from around the globe to scuba dive and snorkel Palm Beach County.

Under the laws of the State of Florida, Palm Beach County Diving Association (PBCDA) is a not for profit organization who’s purpose is to promote dive-related tourism in Palm Beach County, while at the same time ensuring the highest level of professionalism among the dive oriented businesses. The Association's mission also includes promoting the reefs and surrounding underwater habitats as a sustainable resource that is essential to the South Florida Tourism economy, by assisting in programs that provide protection through observation and education, and to ensure these resources receive the protection they deserve.

Click Here to download a copy of PBCDA's Constitution and By-Laws