Welcome to the Dive Coast!

Along the shores of Palm Beach Florida, the mighty north-flowing current known as the Gulf Stream sweeps close to shore, and washes over reefs as shallow as 40 feet. As a result, Palm Beach County is the number one destination in America for drift diving. This style of diving couldn't be easier, because drifts are conducted in a way that lets divers take advantage of the current rather than fight it.

Palm Beach County is the place to see the big stuff. Giant grouper, huge turtles, rays, sharks and more sharks, they are all here, along with a greater quantity of general fish life than you will encounter most anywhere else in the continental U.S. or the Caribbean.

Meeting Mr. Big

Palm Beach Florida is one of the few places in the world where divers can encounter all five species of sea turtles found in the Atlantic, with loggerheads and hawksbills being the most prevalent. These same waters are also home to the largest species of reef fish in the world, the goliath grouper. In addition to a large resident population of goliaths, every August and September, these huge fish gather in groups of 50 or more among a handful of key sites to spawn. So unique is this annual event, and one of just two locations in the world where aggregations of giant groupers take place, Palm Beach Florida is quickly earning it’s newest nickname: the “Goliath Coast.”

Sharks and more sharks

And then there are the sharks. During the winter and spring season the Palm Beach Coast becomes a major hang out for lemon, reef, black-tip, spinner, sandbar, silky, dusky, bull, tiger and both scalloped and greater hammerhead sharks. Should you be lucky enough, you might even encounter the largest of them all, the whale shark.

There's much more to diving in Palm Beach County, Florida, but it's often the big stuff that keeps divers coming back time after time.

Dive in and discover what there is to see.