Palm Beach Coast Departure Points 

Palm Beach County, Florida’s 45-mile long coastline can be divided into four general areas, each represented by one of the four navigable inlets that spread out along the coast. Dive operations departing from their corresponding inlet are able to access a large number of sites several miles north and south of those inlets.

Starting at the northern end of the county, these four inlets are located as follows: 

As you can see the PBCDA has the Palm Beach Florida Coast well covered, providing a broad range of locations for diving. 

In addition to offering a variety of dive charter operators to choose from, each location provides an expansive range of hotel and resort accommodations, dining options to best suit your needs, plus plenty of attractions for any non-divers traveling with you. 

Click on the Inlet name shaded in light blue to take you to the corresponding page with the listing of Dive Charters in that area.




Trivia: How Palm Beach got its Name

The name Palm Beach came from the large number of coconut palms fronting the shoreline. Coconuts are not native to the tropical Atlantic. Their presence here can be credited to the Providencia, a 130-ton Spanish cargo brig that was in route to Barcelona, Spain from Havana, Cuba with a load of coconuts; she was forced up on the beach near Lake Shore in 1878. Stranded, her captain ordered the crew to empty the holds, dumping 20,000 coconuts into the sea. Most of the coconuts washed ashore were gathered by the local inhabitants and planted around their homes along the beach, becoming the first coconut palms introduced to Florida.

So know you know the story of how Palm Beach got its name.