Welcome to Palm Beach County, Florida 

Here in the State’s largest county is 45 miles of coastline washed by the brilliant blue waters of the Gulf Stream, providing a spectacular habitat populated by an exciting array of marine animals large and small.

This region is often called Florida's Gold Coast, and while this title might well apply to the golden tint of the beach sands, it originated with the finding of actual gold and treasures recovered from Spanish galleons that sank offshore. But, the real submerged treasure to be found here is the incredible diversity and density of marine life. On any given dive, divers are likely to see more and bigger fish than you'd encounter at any dive site in the Caribbean. And there are unique events to Palm Beach County such as Goliath grouper spawning aggregations not witnessed anywhere else in the world.

Along the coastlines of Palm Beach County, the Gulf Stream swings closer to shore than anywhere else in Florida. This life-giving current not only nurtures coral growth, but also attracts plentiful marine life: big creatures like sea turtles, sharks (including the largest of them all the whale shark), dolphins and manatees. Of course, don’t forget about the fish and invertebrates, from the very large (like our goliaths) to open ocean pelagics to small reef tropicals, lobsters and octopus. You name it Palm Beach County has it.

So go where the fish go, and put the 'WOW' back into your diving and snorkeling!